Today’s Automatic Transmission Fluids: a Study in Complexity

transmissionarevThe step-type automatic transmission is one of the most sophisticated components in today’s motor vehicles. Using a hydraulic clutch, it transfers torque from the engine through a series of gears, and shifts between them so smoothly that people in the vehicle will barely feel the shifting.

In order to work smoothly, the design of the transmission must take into consideration many aspects of the vehicle – including power, use, speeds and loads. What’s more, vehicle manufacturers must look at the transmission as a vital component in their search for fuel economy to meet new efficiency standards all over the world. The result is a transmission that’s typically optimized to the vehicle and market it serves. Continue reading

Transmission Fluid: The Lifeblood of the System


Transmission fluid has been likened to the “Lifeblood of the (transmission) system.” An article featured on LinkedIn and written by an account manager for an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) very simply explains the different types of transmissions. It also explains why the right transmission fluid is so critical to it’s operation, maintenance, and longevity. Read the full article on LinkedIn.


Transmission Digest Profiles Afton’s ATF Additive Business.


The September 2015 issue of Transmission Digest magazine features a great cover story on Afton Chemical. This company profile discusses how Afton’s complex additive packages play a key role in manufacturing OEM-licensed automatic transmission fluids. The article has insightful comments from key Afton personnel and discusses how the All The Facts Program is geared toward educating the marketplace on the value of OEM-licensed ATFs.  Read the full cover story on page 14 of Transmission Digest.