New educational campaign uncovers “All the facts” on automatic transmission fluids website provides up-to-date information on licensed ATFs

FactHeadLaunchAdAutomotive industry leaders are supporting a comprehensive educational program designed to clear up the sometimes confusing world of automatic transmission fluids. The effort called “All The Facts on Automatic Transmission Fluids” or ATFonATF, is an informative “safe harbor” for ATF installers, distributors and garage owners and managers who want to ensure they are using the correct fluids for all vehicle makes and models.

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Beware of “Power” Flushes

For a time, power flushes were popular. It was thought that forcing fluid through a vehicle’s transmission and cooling system, and other fluid-based systems, would be more beneficial than simply draining and replacing the fluid.  Unfortunately, it took time and damage before auto service professionals realized that power flushes often did more harm than good.   Continue reading