What Are Licensed ATFs?

To protect transmission components, OEMs require that automatic transmission fluids (ATF) be formulated specifically for the transmissions they are designed to protect. That’s the best way to deliver the right balance of friction, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, aeration control, and durability. All of these considerations go into formulating an ATF that optimizes performance and helps ensure maximum transmission life.

Because an ATF affects every one of the hundreds of components in a transmission, OEMs issue licenses to additive and oil companies for fluids they have rigorously evaluated and approved. These ATF specification examples, provided by alldata.com and other reputable industry references, demonstrate the need for OEM-licensed and approved fluids.

Some fluids on the market indicate they are approved and licensed, but these fluids are not recognized by vehicle manufacturers and can actually damage transmissions. Simply put, they’re not carefully developed to protect vital transmission components.

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