Why Use Licensed ATFs?

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Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.48.36 PM.pngThe ATF market has changed a great deal over the years. At one time, a vast majority of vehicle transmission requirements were satisfied with a single transmission fluid. But transmissions have become much more complex, and so have the choices of fluids necessary to protect them. OEMs consider many different performance specifications and parameters before licensing an ATF

Treat your customers right by protecting their vehicles with expert care and quality fluids. Don’t use fluids that claim to work well if they’re not licensed by the OEM. They could wear down critical components and lead to transmission failure, resulting in a massive repair bill for your customers. By using the wrong ATF, you could even risk having to pay warranty claims.


Superior service keeps customers coming back. To protect your customers, your business, and to maximize your profits, get All The Facts on ATFs.

For more information on the use of OEM-licensed and approved fluids, please review materials on this site and visit the ATF Fact Center..