Ask for Proof!

A SPECIAL NOTE TO INSTALLERS: Ask for proof your ATFs are licensed and approved!


FHWebInsetCorrectly performing ATF service at your garage or quick lube shop could represent a substantial increase in business and can considerably increase per visit sales. However, those benefits can quickly turn into problems if the correct ATF fluid is not used. The inherent risk for transmission damage is just too great.

Installing the wrong ATF could cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales if dissatisfied customers go elsewhere, and encourage friends and families to do the same. In addition, you could have to pay the price of possible warranty claims. And then there’s the costly damage to your shop’s reputation.

Licensed and approved ATFs meet the quality standards of your customers’ automatic transmissions, and can significantly help reduce your risks.

Look for the OEM license number on your ATFs.  If they do not carry this proof, insist that your distributor/supplier provide you OEM-endorsed ATFs. Your customers expect and deserve only the highest quality service and licensed products!