ATF Choices Matter: All ATFs are not the same.

Everyone is aware that different vehicles require different ATFs. But not everyone is aware of the difference between an unlicensed ATF and an OEM-licensed ATF. They are not the same. The right ATF can make a huge difference in the way your vehicle operates. Using the wrong ATF can actually cause great damage and potentially open up service providers to warranty claim concerns.

Remember: using an OEM-licensed ATF is always the best way to ensure quality when servicing your customers’ automatic transmission.

The license IS the benefit

ATF_LicenseIsTheBenefitOEM-licensed ATFs have performance validation based on rigorous OEM specs and tests, and are created to OEM standards. Validation of the data is likely not possible with a non-licensed product. So, the license is the only way to have total confidence when you’re using an ATF product during an automatic transmission service.

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Navigate the complex ATF distribution chain with ease

ATF_DistributionChainThe ATF distribution chain can be complex. With so many product resources, accountability can become diluted. What starts out as an oil company product goes through layers of production and distribution after it leaves the original manufacturer. But if the product has the OEM license number, its quality is assured—no matter the distribution chain.

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Identify and verify your ATF product

ATF_VerifyLicense_front2ALT ATF_VerifyLicense_back2

The easiest way to tell if you’re using an OEM-licensed product is to look at the packaging. If your product comes in bottles, look for the OEM’s trademarked logo on the bottle label design. Only licensed products are legally allowed to use these logos, and that use is strictly regulated by the OEM agreements. Also look for the license number on the back of the bottle.  Mercon® LV licenses are designated by “MLV” followed by six numbers and Dexron®-VI licenses are designated by ” J-” followed by five numbers.

If your product arrives in bulk packaging, it may not have the license number, but you can check to see if it’s listed as licensed on a number of different websites below.

Afton Chemical
List of license-holders of DEXRON®-VI

Ford Parts
List of MERCON® transmission fluids license holders

GM Powertrain
List of license-holders of DEXRON®-VI

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All ATFs are not the same, so your choice of ATFs matters:

  • Recognize that the OEM license means huge benefits over unlicensed products.
  • Ask your distributor for an OEM-licensed product.
  • Verify that the product is licensed.

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