I’m a DISTRIBUTOR. Why should I use licensed ATFs?

Position yourself as a distributor known for its licensed, quality ATFs.

Selling unlicensed and unapproved ATFs may reduce costs, but these products could lead to transmission damage, plain and simple. And these products could open you up to warranty claim issues.

Selling better-quality, licensed ATFs can be more profitable, and you’ll be doing what’s best for your business and your customers’ businesses! What’s more, some OEM-licensed ATFs can be used across a spectrum of vehicles, which reduces your customers’ costs and inventory. And your customers will be competing head-to-head against companies selling licensed fluids and have a strong competitive advantage over companies that do not.

OilDistributorMessageNo customer wants to run the risk of causing transmission damage, and you can’t afford to damage your reputation. Eventually, the consumer will demand more, so now’s the time to offer only genuine OEM-licensed fluid. Don’t use fluids that claim to work if they’re not actually licensed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Do right by your customers and build loyalty by selling only OEM-approved and licensed products. It’s profitable for your business—and your customers’ businesses, too. That’s a fact!

For more details on the use of OEM-licensed ATFs, please review the materials on this site and visit the ATF Fact Center. You’ll find information to help you navigate this complex market and sell licensed products..