OEM-licensed ATFs are good for business

When you can proudly tell your customers you ONLY use automatic transmission fluids (ATFs) that are officially licensed, it’s simply good for business. Studies show us that’s what they want—“the same ATF a dealer or the OEM would use.” They may not use the word “licensed,” but they’ll happily pay a little more for the confidence it gives them.  Remember, the ATF your distributor is selling this month may not be licensed, and could actually damage your customer’s transmission. No business wants that.

It’s really just about doing the right thing—and that’s why your customers keep coming back, isn’t it? When they want their ATF replaced, using OEM-licensed fluids protects their transmissions and your business.

10 business reasons for using OEM-licensed ATFs

GoodForBizInsetDoing the right thing by your customer is always good for business, because it sets you apart in their minds. But that’s not the only reason to use OEM-licensed ATFs. It makes great financial sense, too. You’ll be reducing the risk of needing to repair a damaged transmission or to trouble shoot a transmission that’s “just not running right.” Plus you may even be able to make a better margin on each fill, and save more time and money by bundling ATF with an oil change.

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Failure to use OEM-licensed fluids can be devastating to business

5ReasonInsetUsing an unlicensed, “no-name” brand ATF could do serious harm to your business. Unlike OEM-licensed fluids, they can damage complicated transmission parts, leading to shudder, unwanted noise and other problems. When a customer comes back with complaints, you’re already in danger of losing their trust and their business.

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When a customer needs an ATF change

CustomerInstallerYour customers depend on you to keep their transmissions running smoothly.  Here are a few things customers need to know about their ATF service and a checklist of things you can do to keep business strong.

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What YOU need to ask for when purchasing ATF fluids

What ATFOften distributors will approach you with “the brand of the month.” They know you’re interested in profit, but buying just based on price can lead to trouble. Today’s automatic transmissions are complex, so demand an ATF that’s OEM-licensed, and nothing less. Here’s a list of terms commonly used to describe ATFs, so you’ll know what they really mean and exactly what to ask for.

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