10 business reasons for using OEM-licensed ATFs

Doing the right thing by your customer is always good for business, because it sets you apart in their minds. But that’s not the only reason to use OEM-licensed ATFs. It makes great financial sense, too. You’ll be reducing the risk of needing to repair a damaged transmission or to trouble shoot a transmission that’s “just not running right.” Plus you may even be able to make a better margin on each fill, and save more time and money by bundling ATF with an oil change.

1 By maintaining a great reputation, you’ll increase your referrals. Also, customers will be more loyal because of your high standards
2 Changing the fluid according to the recommended service schedule actually protects the customer’s transmission better. Since today’s transmissions are difficult or impossible for customers to check, you’ll be improving their confidence in their vehicle
3 OEM-licensed ATFs are better products with better margins. You can reduce inventory by using an ATF that is OEM-licensed for multiple makes, thus saving money and optimizing inventor
4 Conducting a multi-point inspection, including the transmission, may uncover the need for an ATF change – and other needed services, too — so you can solve potential problems for the customer before they occur
5 You can save time for your crew and your customer by bundling ATF and oil changes together
6 An OEM-licensed fluid change is probably a once-in-a-lifetime service that improves the customer’s driving experience, which gives them yet another reason to be loyal to you
7 You’ll prevent a costly transmission rebuild, replacement or come-back by using only the best dealer- and OEM-licensed product
8 You can tell customers you’re doing everything you can to protect their vehicles and their transmissions by using OEM-licensed fluids
9 Better products mean a better reputation, and a better reputation can allow you to charge a better price for your service
10 You’ll never have to be concerned if the government cracks down on rogue fluids

Doing right by your customers is doing right for your business. Only use OEM-licensed ATFs, and tell your customers you’d do nothing less.

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