We’re an OIL COMPANY/BLENDER. Why should we use licensed ATFs?

You face a competitive marketplace with strong pricing constraints, and it can be tempting to sell lower-quality ATF products. But lower-priced, unlicensed, and unapproved products could cause transmission damage. They almost certainly will result in reduced performance.

OilCompanyMessageSelling only licensed ATF products gives all blenders an opportunity to compete head-to-head in the very complex ATF market, and it gives you a strong competitive advantage over companies that sell unlicensed products. It also gives your customers a competitive advantage by providing premium products they can use with confidence. It’s a win-win.

Producing OEM-licensed ATF products helps position you as a market leader and can increase your margins—and they’re the best and obvious choice for protecting OEM warranties and even aging and out-of-warranty vehicle transmissions.

OEM-licensed ATFs offer strong benefits that can be proven and supported, so you can be the service provider that offers the overall best value. You’ll not only build customer loyalty, you’ll know you’ve done the right thing for your customers.

For more details on the use of OEM-licensed ATFs, please review the materials on this site and visit the ATF Fact Center. You’ll find information to help you navigate this complex market and promote licensed products..